Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Youtube Video: Learn Brief History of Quilling Paper Craft

Watch video to learn a brief history of a fun rolled paper craft called Quilling. For more check out my website

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free Instructions On How to Do Quilling: Watch Video And Find Out!

Free instructions on how you can start paper quilling craft simple with sneak peek of "Secrets to Quilling Success" at

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ideas for Using Holiday Decorative Bows Made From Ribbon

Here’s a list of great ways to use the many decorative bows you can make with all kinds of seasonal ribbon available at craft stores. Remember, you can make the same decorative bows they sell in craft stores for $7 to $70 with just a few dollars of ribbon. There are a bunch of great ways to use the bows you have made. Here are eight of my favorites:

1 – Use a decorative bow around the base of a pillar candle. (Be sure that candle flame doesn’t get close to ribbon as it burns down!)

2 – Use a decorative bow to add some fun to a gift basket.

3 – Use a decorative bow to give a car or bike as a gift. You can make really large bows that will work well for this.

4 – Use a decorative bow to dress up a wreath or tree for Christmas or other holidays.

5 – Use a decorative bow on a wrapped present, gift tin, or gift bag.

6 – Use a decorative bow in a centerpiece display for your table. Use ribbon that will coordinate with the season, meal being served, or even your fine china.

7 – Use a decorative bow to decorate a table for a craft fair, flea market, or yard sale.

8 – Use a decorative bow to create a beautiful fireplace display. Add pieces of greenery or other items to complete your display.

As you can see, there are many fun ways you can use decorative bows once you learn how to make bows. Be creative! I’m sure you can think of even more ways to use your home-made decorative bows once you see all the wonderful ribbon available at the craft store. Also take a look at the pre-made bows they sell in the store to get a lot of ideas on decorative bows you can make and also ways that you can use them around your house and for the holidays. Save a lot of money by creating at home your own decorative bows!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Product Soon to Be Launched: Paper Quilling DVD Instructions

Want to learn the art of paper quilling (also called paper filigree) but don't want to spend a fortune buying dozens of instructions to make a large variety of designs? Frustrated with incomplete and impossible to understand written instructions? Check out and find the easiest and most complete instructional DVD and downloadable manual on the art of quilling.


Jim Rohn Passed Away December 5, 2009

I just received this email from Jim Rohn International:

"With great sadness we share that Jim Rohn, our mentor and friend, left us December 5, 2009 for a better place.

Over the past 18 months, in his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Jim assured us with a smile that all is good, that he would fight until the last breath, yet he had no fear as to what would be next. Jim’s faith was as much a part of his life as his desire to inspire and challenge us all to be the best we could be and to live our dreams.

Jim’s courage in his final months and days were a testament to his message that we should all fight the good fight. He never gave up and never gave in."

For more about the recent death of Jim Rohn you can read more at....

Passing of Jim Rohn

I just received this email from Jim Rohn International:

"With great sadness we share that Jim Rohn, our mentor and friend, left us December 5, 2009 for a better place.

Over the past 18 months, in his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Jim assured us with a smile that all is good, that he would fight until the last breath, yet he had no fear as to what would be next. Jim’s faith was as much a part of his life as his desire to inspire and challenge us all to be the best we could be and to live our dreams.

Jim’s courage in his final months and days were a testament to his message that we should all fight the good fight. He never gave up and never gave in."

For more about the recent death of Jim Rohn you can read more at....

Monday, November 9, 2009

ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT to Grab Russell's FREE Video Online

Only available HERE from Russell.  You'll be able to see Russell's 90 minute presentation at Stompernet Live 2009 this past August...nothing being sold, ALL content!!

Also here you can grab his free report called "IM Myth" which reveals why its a myth that you only need internet marketing to have a million dollar business; you'll want to read this and make sure you aren't using just basic internet marketing techniques, but you are going above and beyond what your competition is doing.

Learn how to increase your customer value as Russell walks you through the lifetime cycle of a customer.  Valuable information in this free presentation.

Enjoy this free 90 minute video HERE!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our latest project - Learn how to make holiday bows

Learn how to make holiday bows that are perfect to decorate for Christmas and other holidays. Only at

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flogs, Fake Blogs, and Fakeosphere - I'm Sick of It

Have you heard of this marketing technique that is making people incredible amounts of money but is VERY deceptive since its a fake blog...also known as a FLOG or the FAKEOSPHERE.  Be aware of these blogs that seem real but all the comments are fake and designed to convince you to buy their product.  The best example of this would be for the acai berry products since the diet market is so large and there is a lot of money to be made there.


I just would never be able to sell something by purposefully lying to my customers and using manufactured testimonials.  I'm sick of it.  This is equivalent SPAM in the last few years - there was a HUGE outburst of people spamming for profits but now there are laws restricting that. I only hope that similar laws will come into place for these FLOGS and FAKEOSPHEREs so people are not continually sold by these fake advertisement appearing real.


Want to learn ethical and profitable marketing techniques from a real person?  I recommend Russell Brunson.  I've met him a number of times and he is a well respected authority in his field and an all around nice guy.  Pretty much the coolest guy on the planet in my book.  He's helped us start internet marketing and his methods have earned us six figures this year.  Check out his latest product (FREE MP3 player plus shipping) at 12 Month Internet Millionaire


Here is an article that I recently read about the FAKEOSPHERE....

Unemployment Rate Over 10% in America! I'm Jobless and I'm Okay With That.

The article states these facts about the current unemployment rates in America:  "The unemployed rate jumped to 10.2 percent, the highest since April 1983, from 9.8 percent in September, the Labor Department said Friday."

Also from the above article, "'This may be the toughest employment situation we've seen in the postwar era,' Mark Gertler, an economics professor at New York University, said in an interview earlier this week."

Now if you read the full article, it sounds really bleak.  That is, if you WANT a job.  But not me, I'd rather be unemployed.  Why?  Because I make more money, have more fun, and appreciate more freedom when I work for myself!

Want to do the same thing?  Seriously, I'm a real person (check out this blog and all my photos and videos on Youtube!) :) and my husband and I started creating information products to market online using a variety of marketing techniques we learned.  If you wanted to get started, here are two really cool MP3 players full of content that I recommend.  And the best part is that they are both FREE plus shipping costs.

Here's the first one:  Micro-Continuity (learn how to set-up your website to sell your product in the most profit maximizing way!)

Here's the second one:  12 Month Internet Millionaire (learn how to market your products through offline methods and strategies that most people are NOT yet using!)

So as far as I'm concerned the "bad economy" and the jobless rates will never be an issue for me.  I'm creating my own economy and finding success working for myself through online marketing techniques to market products I've created.  Pretty cool way to earn an income, live a life, and use your talents, don't you think?

Please join me!  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have to get started, just leave a comment here.



The 12 Month Internet Millionaire MP3 Player is FREE - Is It Just FLUFF?!?


In fact, I just read this:  "Russell credits that interview with Vince as the main factor for his awesome success. He was able to make 1.6 million in a single year with this 'insider' information and is confident you can too!"

WOW!  That blows me away!  How much will this information that Vince is sharing on the 12 Month Internet Millionaire FREE MP3 player make you this year?

So what does he teach on this MP3 player?  OFFLINE marketing techniques for your online marketing business.  Simple ways you can create more business for yourself and your product by using these tactics and giving you the resources you need to implement them.

Check it out only at:

12 Month Internet Millionaire



jenn spencer - 12 month internet millionaire blog

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I LOVE FREE! How about a $97 offline marketing course that is now FREE plus shipping?!? WAHOO!

Check this out!  Russell Brunson used to sell his 12 month internet millionaire course for $97 but now you can get the 6 hour interview he did with Vince James (author of book 12 month internet millionaire that is no longer for sale) and a bonus 1 hour audio of Russell sharing some more lucrative marketing methods.

Its on MP3 player and its FREE if you pay shipping.  AWESOME deal!  You can grab your MP3 player loaded with content on how to offline market your online business RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Oh and the original version that was selling for $97 was number one on Clickbank for WEEKS!!


jenn spencer

Who is Jenn?

My latest project is JennAndTheGiant.Info!! - check it out and please help me crush the giant gurus in this affiliate contest - help homeless youth in the process too!

I'm a "jill of all trades." A real estate investor, educational DVD creator, internet marketer, babysitter, writer, and learner! I'm terrible with directions; my new car has a navigation system named Pete. I LOVE to roadtrip. I'm a big fan of hotels and vacations! I'm not a big fan of routine. I've always wanted to work on a cruiseship and almost did, until I found internet marketing. I love when people tell me its impossible because it encourages me to do it even more.

I'm addicted to fruits, veggies, hummus, beans, french fries, peanut butter toast, and taco bell.....yum. I HATE dairy products and haven't had any for over 7years now!

I love a challenge and never back away from an opportunity to stretch myself and push my abilities to the limits. Don't tell me that its impossible until after I've done it. The only thing I CAN'T have is dairy!! I know I have a lot of talents and I strive daily to discover them...I want to live a life of passion and happiness! When I know what I want, and I want it bad enough, I will find a way to get it. "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." Anything worth having is worth working for. There really are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes that is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way they should. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcome is always to your advantage. You just might not know it until some time later...

I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite. I quote songs and movies like crazy. I like to stay up late, but I also love sleep. (Waking up without an alarm is the best feeling ever.) And that's all she wrote...

Why Get 12 Month Internet Millionaire NOW?

The new version of 12 Month Internet Millionaire is soon to be released as the 2.0 version and to get started, you can grab a FREE mp3 player (pay shipping only).  Pretty cool way to learn offline marketing techniques for your online business.  The first time this product launched, it soared to number one on Clickbank and stayed there for weeks!  Now with new content to help your business grow even more.

From November 5th to November 10th you can grab a free ebook called "The IM Myth." So go here now and get yours HERE!

jenn and the giant

Here's a Cool Music Video I Made For This "JENN AND THE GIANT" Challenge

Please share it with your friends and repost it or embed it along with my website link....




12 Month Internet Millionaire FREE MP3 Player to Learn Offline Marketing Strategies


You can help...simply use this link for the 12 month internet millionaire HERE and for every email address that signs up to receive Russell's free ebook titled "The IM Myth" I'm going to donate $1.00 to who is raising money in a HUGE campaign to support homeless youth in America.

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I'm up against the internet marketing guru GIANTS in this affiliate marketing competition, so its going to take a whole lot for me to CRUSH them, but I hope that enough people want to support this awesome cause along with me, where all you have to do is use my link to get "The IM Myth" and learn for free how to market your online business offline.



Video 69 0 00 17-01

Jenn and Xan near Lake Michigan Sand Dunes

Can a Newbie Internet Marketer Beat Out the GIANT Gurus in This Affiliate Marketing Competition?


I'm doing EVERYTHING I know to market my affiliate link for the 12 Month Internet Millionaire, even though I know that the GIANT guru marketers (like Mike Filsaime who won the last 12 month internet millionaire contest and got an H2 Hummer) can simply send an email to their massive lists and take the competition in a day.

LOOK OUT!  I'm on a mission to help homeless youth while I try to TAKE DOWN THE GIANT internet marketing GURUs in this ULTIMATE AFFILIATE CHALLENGE!

Visit my link to check out the 12 Month Internet Millionaire and I'll donate $1.00 to for everyone who signs up to view the FREE Ebook that Russell is giving away HERE. I've read the book (purchased the hard copy of it a few months back) and have learned some cool techniques for offline marketing that I had not yet considered!



12 Month Internet Millionaire ULTIMATE AFFILIATE SHOWDOWN!!


FREE EBook about Offline Marketing for Online Business - Available Nov. 5-10th ONLY

Have you heard about the 12 month internet millionaire?  Its a program put together by Russell Brunson of where he interviews Vince James (who is the guy who made 77 million in a single year with  techniques most people DON'T know).

Want to get a sneak peek at the information Russell and Vince are going to share on the FREE MP3 player (pay only shipping!) then check this link out HERE Remember, I've been told this FREE Ebook is only going to be available November 5-10, 2009 and all you have to do is provide your email address to get it!

Oh and as a bonus for this program, The 12 Month Internet Millionaire, I'm donating $1.00 for EVERY person that signs up via my link HERE to receive the FREE Ebook that will get you started with some great ideas on how to offline market your online business.  I know because I've already read it!  (I bought a hard copy of this book awhile back but now you get it totally free online!!)


Video 45 0 00 02-21

On the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

12 Month Internet Millionaire Available Here - Help The Homeless Too!

Okay so what is this all about anyways?

Well during the last affiliate challenge for the 12 Month Internet Millionaire, Mike Filsaime (giant guru internet marketer with a massive list, so edge up on the competition especially gals like little ole me) won a Hummer (my dream car by the way!)

I'm not letting that happen again!!  I'm doing EVERYTHING I know how to do to market my affiliate link to be the TOP affiliate promoter and beat out the GIANT gurus!

Can you help?

If you are interested in offline marketing techniques for your online business, Russell Brunson is giving away a free report HERE on November 5 through November 10.  For everyone that visits through my link here HERE and signs up to get this FREE report (I've already read it and got some great marketing ideas I am going to implement!!) I will earn $1.00

I'm then taking that $1.00 and donating it to RunTellmanRun's HUGE charity event raising money for homeless youth as Tellman runs BAREFOOT across the US (right now he's doing it!!)  ALSO, for everyone who uses my link HERE and grabs a FREE MP3 player with content on it, I will donate another $1.00  Pretty cool deal, huh?!  Definitely a GREAT bonus for the 12 Month Internet Millionaire because you get to help others as you help yourself make more money for your business!

So, please tell all your friends, Twitter-ers, relatives, business contacts about this SITE HERE and send them my way.  JENN WANTS TO BEAT THIS GIANT! I want to show that the little people in the internet marketing world, like myself, can do a WHOLE LOT, and will be supporting an AMAZING cause, while providing YOU with stellar content to help YOU make more money!!  (If I was in to cliches (or even knowing how to spell the word!) I'd say it was a WIN-WIN-WIN!) hah

Let's DO this BIG against the GIANT!!


Here's the link....GO!!

jenn spencer

Here's me with my hubby, Xan!