Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can a Newbie Internet Marketer Beat Out the GIANT Gurus in This Affiliate Marketing Competition?


I'm doing EVERYTHING I know to market my affiliate link for the 12 Month Internet Millionaire, even though I know that the GIANT guru marketers (like Mike Filsaime who won the last 12 month internet millionaire contest and got an H2 Hummer) can simply send an email to their massive lists and take the competition in a day.

LOOK OUT!  I'm on a mission to help homeless youth while I try to TAKE DOWN THE GIANT internet marketing GURUs in this ULTIMATE AFFILIATE CHALLENGE!

Visit my link to check out the 12 Month Internet Millionaire and I'll donate $1.00 to RunTellmanRun.com for everyone who signs up to view the FREE Ebook that Russell is giving away HERE. I've read the book (purchased the hard copy of it a few months back) and have learned some cool techniques for offline marketing that I had not yet considered!



12 Month Internet Millionaire ULTIMATE AFFILIATE SHOWDOWN!!


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