Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flogs, Fake Blogs, and Fakeosphere - I'm Sick of It

Have you heard of this marketing technique that is making people incredible amounts of money but is VERY deceptive since its a fake blog...also known as a FLOG or the FAKEOSPHERE.  Be aware of these blogs that seem real but all the comments are fake and designed to convince you to buy their product.  The best example of this would be for the acai berry products since the diet market is so large and there is a lot of money to be made there.


I just would never be able to sell something by purposefully lying to my customers and using manufactured testimonials.  I'm sick of it.  This is equivalent SPAM in the last few years - there was a HUGE outburst of people spamming for profits but now there are laws restricting that. I only hope that similar laws will come into place for these FLOGS and FAKEOSPHEREs so people are not continually sold by these fake advertisement appearing real.


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Here is an article that I recently read about the FAKEOSPHERE....

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